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At Frame Lab, Space10 explores the future of co-living

Amsterdam – Space10 – Ikea’s future-living lab – embarks on a mission to explore new concepts in co-living design. Discover the results of their extensive One Shared House 2030 …


MIT researchers inflate origami to revolutionize the packaging industry

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – AeroMorph is an inflatable folding mechanism developed by a team of MIT Media Lab researchers with game-changing industry implications.

Winter Vandenbrink

Natural growth – 5 milestones of Formafantasma

Amsterdam-based Italian duo Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin of Formafantasma track their evolution in five turning-point projects.


The Mars Challenge: Seetal Solanki’s Material Manual

Inspired by Elon Musk’s plans for space colonization, for Frame #114 we asked five young designers to create an essential travel item for a trip to Mars.

The off-grid installation is prepared for both everyday and emergency scenarios.

MIT reveals innovative design for urban resilience

CAMBRIDGE – When it comes to disasters, architects are usually either concerned with creating structures that will prevent natural forces from having an impact on the built environment, or with the …

Wood floors and furnishings and a paper ceiling draw on both the forested setting and traditional Japanese architecture.

Tetsuo Kobori Architects enliven research facility with natural forces

HAMAMATSU – In its new research and development building, a Japanese automotive filtration company can take inspiration from the environment for its innovations.

NArchitekTURA’s ‘Apartment of the Future’ will serve as a fully integrated product laboratory for the furniture industry.

Apartment of the Future by NArchitekTURA

DOBRODZIEŃ – An installation in a Polish furniture market blurs the distinction between residential, commercial, and conceptual.

The building’s wide range of materials and sustainable technologies are inspired by the research that takes place under its roof.

Advanced Engineering Building by Richard Kirk and HASSELL

BRISBANE – The University of Queensland’s Brisbane Campus recently opened an academic building that practises what it preaches, housing a wide variety of materials and sustainable technologies.

Situated outside a school, the viewing platform doubles as a playing space for children who wait to be picked up by their parents.

The Sweep by John Lin and Olivier Ottevaere

YUNNAN – Students and staff at the University of Hong Kong investigate the possibilities of timber construction in remote parts of China.

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