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This DesignMarch exhibition prompted architects to embrace their role in the fight against climate change

Reykjavík – Held in Reykjavík, The Climate is Changing. So Must Architecture. aimed to outline how ‘climate change should be embraced as the ultimate design challenge’.


Designing for de-growth relies on engagement across sectors, agree #FrameLive x DesignMarch panellists

The COVID-19 crisis brought industry to an unprecedented halt all over the world. In a collaborative talk, we explored what opportunity this may pose for combatting the climate crisis.


Can ASMR change the way exhibition spaces are designed?

Reykjavík – Icelandic designer Valdís Steinarsdóttir utilizes ASMR media as a solution to engage visitors at her DesignMarch 2020 exhibition, during our touchless times.


Seven must-see sustainability-focused projects on show at Iceland’s upcoming DesignMarch

Reykjavík – Many of the Reykjavík festival’s exhibited projects – on show until 28 June – have a strong focus on sustainability.


This Reykjavik skincare store reflects the brand’s plant-based roots

Reykjavik – To design a flagship for the Icelandic biotech skincare brand Bioeffect, Basalt Architects looked to organic origin of its offerings.


In Iceland, the singer of Sigur Rós might have just cracked the luxury retail code

Reykjavik – If luxury brands want to see what an optimal retail experience looks like, they should be heading up to Fischer in downtown Reyjkavik.


Four lessons your event can learn from Iceland’s DesignMarch

Reykjavik – From biodesign backlash to the joys of uncomfortable questions and even more uncomfortable locations, here's what you can learn from Reykjavik’s DesignMarch.


Here are our favourite projects from Iceland’s DesignMarch 2019

Reykjavik – From the spatial limits of awkwardness to the celebration of volcanic waste, here is our selection of projects from the most recent edition of DesignMarch.


Nordic meets Italian in a holistic dining concept by Haf Studio

Reykjavík – Using furniture produced by local designers, Haf Studio creates a concept and interior for Mat Bar that fuses Nordic design with Italian flair. 


Four DesignMarch highlights that put the cool in Nordic design

Reykjavik – DesignMarch 2017 showcased an array of works that are big in character, playfulness, and originality. Discover our favourite new designs from the North.

Synodic Tropic is the new collection Tanja Levý, graduate of the Reykjavik School of the Visual Arts (photo: Birta Rán).

On a tropical trip in Reykjavik with fashion designer Tanja Levý during DesignMarch

As an antidote to the lack of sunshine during those deep, dark winter months in the far north, Tanja Levý turned her attention to creative pursuits in crafting her new fashion collection that is as …

DesignMarch kicked off with a unique fashion event Muses, curated by the artistic director Magnea Einarsdóttir (photo: Adriana Pecheco).

Fashionable Retrospective of DesignMarch 2014

The DesignMarch festival that took place at the end of March was a glorious feast of inspiration. One month later, all the images, sights and sounds from those buzzing few days in Iceland are …

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