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This translucent two-generation home in rural Japan was inspired by greenhouses

Furano, Japan – Instead of tearing down a house that still holds Hokkaido’s agricultural heritage, Yoshichika Takagi turned it into a residential greenhouse for a large family.


A Gaudí-inspired workspace shows that going rural can actually be innovative

Barcelona – Clementina, a new Utopic_US co-working space designed by Izaskun Chinchilla is inspired by the rural elements of Gràcia and Gaudí’s Casa Vicens.


'For our generation, being nomadic is everything' says architect Mariana de Delás

Es Llombards, Majorca, Spain – Young Spanish architect Mariana de Delás reflects on how moving to rural Majorca has changed the way she works.


New book alert: City Quitters makes us question the value of the metropolis

Off the grid – Our new book, City Quitters, attempts to shed light on alternative approaches for creative living and working in an age of growing urbanisation. 

Two Skins House by Veronica Arcos. Photo Cristobal Palma

Sharp edges define the geometric house by Veronica Arcos

PICHICUY – On the Chilean coast, the Pacific Ocean is in view from a geometric gem of a house designed by Veronica Arcos.

House in Muraz by Savioz Fabrizzi. Photo thomas jantscher

Savioz Fabrizzi transforms a Swiss barn into a semi-detached house

MURAZ – The architects maintained the original layout of masonry and woodwork but synthesized it and clarified its relationship in a minimal architectural language.

Cottage in Fontanars by Ramon Esteve. Photo Mariela Apollonio

Ramon Esteve blends concrete and pine within a Spanish landscape

FONTANARS – When approaching the new building designed by Ramon Esteve, the first word to pop into the mind has to be ‘archetypal’.

Spackhuggaren by Bornstein Lyckefors. Photo Mikael Olsson

Bornstein Lyckefors designs a little cube on the prairie

KÄRNA – Späckhuggaren, a one-and-a-half storey residence, displays honest construction methods and Falu-red coloured cladding.

Farmhouse by Zecc Architecten. Photos StijnStijl Fotografie

Zecc Architecten blurs the connection between inside and outside

UTRECHT – A former dairy farm is penetrated with a new extension, turning the typical old-school farmhouse into a modern residence with a traditional aesthetic.