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Samples for CaCO3 show stone structures at various stages in the process of fossilization.

CaCO3 by Laura Lynn Jansen and Thomas Vailly

After studying the geological process of sedimentation in the French region of Auvergne, Laura Lynn Jansen and Thomas Vailly decided to grow their own stalactite-inspired structures. 

Mirror, Rug and Pitcher reconsider a product's everyday use and properties.

Introducing: Tijmen Smeulders

It's been a month since the high energy design week in Milan and we've had some time to cool down. Now the design world is returning to its regular pace but we still can't forget the noteworthy …

Robots have carved a line of furniture from blocks of Carrara marble.

Solid Senses by Robot City

The Solid Senses exhibition at Ventura Lambrate displayed a line of marble furniture carved using modern technology. An initiative by Robot City, the Italian company worked the Carrara marble …

A maze of voids cuts through the thick of the wooden top.

CATable by LYCS Architecture

An interactive wooden table designed by LYCS Architecture caters to the curiosity of felines living among us, with a maze of voids which cuts through the thick of the top. Holes sized with cats in …

DEDON heeded the call of the jungle for its stand at Salone.

Dedon at Salone del Mobile

Two weeks on and we're still trying to digest everything we saw at Salone del Mobile. After getting caught up in all the excitement of the design areas such as Brera and Ventura Lambrate, we'd like …

A block of expanded polystyrene is cut to form a fluid-looking seat.

Cutting Edge by Martijn Rigters

Not an entirely new concept but effective all the same, Rigters employed a hot wire to create experimental forms resulting in irregular shaped seating.  

Two unlikely materials have joined forces to form a monolithic, 3m long sofa.

Onyx Sofa by Peugeot Design Lab

Two unlikely materials, carbon fibre and Volvic volcanic lava stone have joined forces to form a monolithic, 3m long sofa. The rugged surface of the chiseled rock meets the …

Slow baker and author Ingo Rasche gives insight into the process of bread baking.

Gaggenau at the Eurocucina 2014

Amidst a sea of traditional trade fair booths at Milan's Salone del Mobile, Gaggenau transported Eurocucina's international visitors to an era of culinary culture with the ambiance of a traditional …

‘TP-Panels’ are comprised of resin cement and black marble aggregate which is 50% lighter than conventional terrazzo slabs.

House of Cards by Terrazzo Project

Dating from the 15th century, the extraordinarily heavy material, terrazzo, has finally received its 21st century makeover. Embedded within the poured composite, an aluminum honeycomb frame imparts …

A gaggle of vibrant animals and furniture cohabitated at Marni's Spazio Umbria in Milan during Salone del Mobile 2014.

Animal House by Marni

A gaggle of vibrant animals and furniture cohabitated at Marni's Spazio Umbria in Milan during Salone del Mobile 2014. Dubbed the Animal House, the industrial space was filled with …

Wooden legs are the visible extension of the internal system of aluminum pillars.

(Love Me) Tender by Patricia Urquiola for Moroso

At Milan Design Week, Patricia Urquiola unveiled (Love Me) Tender, a modular sofa for Moroso. Comfortable cushions seem to be propped up with delicate, rounded wooden legs but are in fact extensions …

Frame's May edition is out now ...

Frame App: May Edition Out Now

In the May issue of Frame’s app: Alexander Wong go back to the future in China’s first science fiction cinema, artist Quayola creates classical sculptures for the digital age, top chef Ron Blaauw

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