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Designers pulled out all the (tech) stops for the biggest multimedia production in Latvian history

Riga – Masterful feats in stage design and direction gave weight to Both Sides (Abas Malas), a dance-and-multimedia show that celebrated Latvia's centenary.


At Frame Lab, Uwe Brückner advocates autonomy in digitally enhanced space

Amsterdam – Seasoned scenographer, architect, and Atelier Brückner founder, Uwe Brückner gives a compelling talk at Frame Lab titled, Hybrid Space: Does the Digital Kill the Real?


Meet the Frame Awards Jury (Shows Category)

PEOPLE – Our panel of experts includes Alexandre de Betak, Uwe Brückner, and José Luis de Vicente.


Why Gonzalez Haase AAS is telling a story to storytellers

BERLIN – For fischerAppelt, an advertising agency of storytellers, Gonzalez Haase AAS builds a scenography that gets curiouser and curiouser the further in you go.


Médecins du Monde exhibition fights for the invisible and punches through the viewer

PARIS – Commemorating 30 years of Médecins du Monde providing medical care to excluded peoples, the Mise au Poing exhibition places viewers in the middle of the issue.

ARK22 by Stephane Malka with Oulalou+Choi. Photos Laurent Clement

Assembly of timber units make a grand entrance

MARRAKESH – Ark22 by Stephane Malka and Oualalou-Choi forms a gateway entrance to the site of the 2016 UN Climate Change Conference in Morocco.

The 'Loomion' by Jeroen Theuns weaves a stage-set, installation and sonic architecture into an ingenius musical instrument.

The Loomion by Jeroen Theuns

In the process of architect and designer Jeroen Theuns creating the scenography for a musical production, he has ingeniously invented an instrument in its own right – the 'Loomion' – that is as …