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A co-working space in South Korea gets culture-specific

Seoul – Seoul-based Station Neo, designed by Atelier Archi@Mosphere, was conceived when the particularities of the local culture in mind.


A 90s house in Seoul gets a colourful update

Seoul – Daniel Valle Architects brought a typical 90s dwelling straight into the present with a process that mirrored the history of the neighbourhood. 


A Korean brand stands out in London with a little help from some alien friends

London – Multisensory installations are part of Gentle Monster's retail experience – and it’s helping them make a splash in one of Europe’s most competitive shopping streets. 


The darkest building on earth might just offer the most enlightening experience

Pyeongchang, South Korea – Asif Khan coats Hyundai’s Pavilion for the Winter Olympics in a super black material that absorbs 99% of the light hitting its surface, marking it the …


Obstacle, spectacle – Vavas uses a sculptural display to bridge and divide

SEOUL – The Vavas eyewear store in Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam District, gives centre stage to a display object that’s both rough boulder and sleek stainless steel.


Vonsung designs with balance in a pilates studio

Seoul – Vonsung combines spa-like aesthetics with a multifunctional workout facility in Pilates the Balance to encourage health and wellbeing.  

Stratum House by stpmj. Photo Song Yousub

A concrete medley by stpmj is cast as a residential façade

ICHEON – A 1:1 ratio of geologic inspiration and architecture amounts to an interesting façade aesthetic.

IPARK towers by UNStudio. Photos Edmon Leong, Rohspace and Hyundai

UNStudio dresses up IPark towers to the nines

DAEGU – Get those smartphones up on drones for the newest Instagram-friendly architecture.


Betwin's animals-over-aesthetics design for veterinary clinic Oasis

SUWON, SOUTH KOREA – Designed by Korean studio Betwin, the veterinary surgical centre puts functionality first and prioritizes their VIPs: very important pets.


Jinsik Kim exhibition lets raw materials speak for themselves

SEOUL – With minimal shapes and designs, Jinsik Kim shows the aesthetic and functional potential offered by materials alone in their purest form.

Deep House by Poly.m.ur. Photos Kyungsub Shin

Poly.m.ur's Deep House is a culmination of solutions for a brief of clashing elements

SEOUL – Keeping in line with Korean building regulations isn't the easiest part of an architect's job. Keeping clients happy isn't always a breeze either.

Common Ground by Urbantainer. Photos Kyungsub Shin / Young Kim

Urbantainer breaks down the negative stereotypes of modular building

SEOUL – Built from 200 shipping containers over a 5300-sq-m area, Common Ground is the world’s largest retail platform made of container modules.