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To foster innovation, this lab uses Mexico City’s best active ingredient: its people

Mexico City – The complex emerging metropolis of Mexico City gave rise to Laboratorio para la Ciudad, an experimental lab aimed at helping it future-proof itself.


Those Architects presents a grown-up office space for a maturing company

CHICAGO – Australian studio Those Architects has generated a sophisticated response to the ongoing dilemma of the work/life balance for financial data services company Ansarada.


Spaces for Innovation: get the low-down from the designers of our thought-provoking new book!

Barbara Iwanicka and Vincent Hammingh get quizzed about the processes behind the graphic design of the new book – Spaces for Innovation by Kursty Groves and Oliver Marlow – affectionately known …

Spaces for Innovation outlines various approaches to workplace design, including that of the Airbnb office in Portland (pictured) (photo: Jeremy Bittermann).

Spaces for Innovation: an A to Z of engagement in workplace design

The new book Spaces for Innovation offers up much workspace food-for-thought, with one of the key considerations about engagement of teams relating to the invitation to participate in the …


Spaces for Innovation: the authors Kursty Groves and Oliver Marlow in conversation

The authors our new book Spaces for Innovation discuss the surprising themes they uncovered while researching the link between physical space and creativity in workplaces.