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Half basketball court, half retail space, how Unknwn’s Miami post builds community

Miami – Fashion brand Unknwn – founded by LeBron James, Jaron Kanfer and Frankie Walker – sets out to become a staple of Miami’s art and design scene with its second store.


Adidas shows how interior design can encourage office community

Herzogenaurach, Germany – For a new workspace in Adidas’ World of Sports Campus, Behnisch Architekten developed a village within a village. 


Why is this Adidas basketball court so… erm… pretty? Is it the Paris effect?

Paris – At the Forum des Halles in Paris, Döppel Studio designed a basketball challenge installation for Adidas that also challenges the accepted aesthetics of the sport.


Why Europe’s newest football stadium looked to the high street to ensure success

London – Designed by Jump Studios, Tottenham Hotspur’s new home aims to balance the needs of diehard supporters with an incoming generation of more casual fans.


Leisure clubs in China aren’t just for grown-ups – they’re for the little ones, too

Suzhou, China – X+Living's Loong Swim Club is a fairy-tale-like sports centre catered to kids' entertainment and parents' leisure.


Now, extreme athletes have a store just for them – in Singapore’s new airport-mall

Changi, Singapore – Durasport, a new brick-and-mortar sports store by Ministry of Design in Jewel Changi Airport, turns to kinetic simulation experiences to make for a unique shopping …


The UK’s first giant basketball art court presses play on social connectivity

Brighton, United Kingdom – Using the power of colour and activity, Lois O’Hara helps to reactivate a Brighton neighbourhood.

Gymnasium du Bon Lait by Dietrich Untertrifaller. Photos Julian Lanoo

A wooden monolith by Dietrich Untertrifaller crowns the district of Bon Lait

LYON – Dietrich Untertrifaller completes a public gymnasium flooded in natural light through a series of truncated wooden pyramid skylights.


Do run in this store – then buy the shoes online

SHANGHAI – Merging the best of online and offline retail experiences in Runner Camp, Tomohiro Katsuki of Prism Design explains the latest retail concept in China.

Garden Studio Gym by Eastwest Architecture. Photos Naaro

Eastwest Architecture's garden shed provides plenty of height for skipping and jumping

LONDON – The English capital can be an exciting and bustling hub of activity but, just outside the central cocoon in Greater London, opportunities can be slightly more lacking.

Football Capsule by Bord Studio. Photos Gyorgy Palko

Bord Studio bottles a big atmosphere into a small stadium

BUDAPEST – The building’s namesake previously played for his home town and his country but the architect has another name for the 5000-seat stadium: The Football Capsule.

Roberts Pavilion by JFAK. Photos Benny Chan (Fotoworks)

JFAK sheds light on the importance of transparency

CLAREMONT – JFAK partner John Friedman explains how the firm’s new sports centre at Claremont McKenna College introduces light without compromising the building’s function.