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INET School by AZC and MSA. Photo Sergio Grazia

INET School by AZC and Michel Spitz shows off its smooth curves

STRASBOURG – Two seamless and smooth volumes are stacked one on top of the other, distinguishing themselves as a public mixed-use building at the corner of a busy crossroad.

The renovation’s focal point is a dramatic spiral staircase that now ascends into the library’s atrium.

Strasbourg National University Library by ANMA

STRASBOURG – The BNU in Strasbourg reopens this month after a massive rehabilitation lead by ANMA, who were inspired by the building’s monumental roots.

The building of Strasbourg School of Architecture reconnects architectural education with the city, and reveals architect's fascination with structure.

Strasbourg School of Architecture by Marc Mimram

STRASBOURG – Designing a school of architecture can be tricky, but Marc Mimram brings it back to fundamentals: connection with the city and structural expression.

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