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Technology brings nature to New York City in Studio Swine’s A/D/O exhibition

New York City – With Wave. Particle. Duplex. Alexander Groves and Azusa Murakami find a way to reconnect New Yorkers with nature – oddly enough, through technology.


An immersive and ethereal Studio SWINE exhibition opens at Brooklyn's A/D/O

New York City – Studio SWINE captures invisible elements of nature and gives them body in a new show at Brooklyn art and design incubator A/D/O. 


Beach, sun and design: the best of Design Miami/

MIAMI – From celebrating nature to exposing manmade realities, the environment was the underlying theme of the five-day fair.


COS x Studio Swine play with the philosophy of bubbles

MILAN – A modernist metal tree stands in a darkened cinema. The New Spring installation plays with the impermanence and the resilience of nature, life, and technology.


Studio Swine installation at Salone del Mobile contemplates the changing of the seasons

MILAN – Minimal materials bring an ephemeral installation to life for COS.


Studio Swine's Gyrecraft collection made from ocean plastic displays at Selfridges

LONDON – On display at Selfridges & Co, Studio Swine's Gyrecraft consists of five luxury objects crafted from plastic pollution extracted from the gyres of the Atlantic Ocean.

In a project for Microsoft, architect Azusa Murakami and artist Alexander Groves further explore their ongoing material experiments.

Meteorite Shoes by Studio Swine

Walk on 90% air while wearing Studio Swine's pair of high heels.

Metallic Geology by Studio Swine is a range of cabinets made from aluminium.

Metallic Geology by Studio Swine

After turning sea waste into furniture and human hair into eyewear, Studio Swine has a new trick: transforming metal into foam. 

Can City is a mobile furnace that creates molten aluminium from drinks cans.

Can City by Studio Swine

Studio Swine’s Can City project is a mobile furnace that creates molten aluminium from drinks cans picked up on the streets of São Paulo.