Established just last year, Studio WM. – the ‘W’ stands for Wendy Legro and the ‘M’ for Maarten Collignon – is a Netherlands-based product design team that is drawn to all things flora and fauna.

What was the first thing you made as a duo?

Wendy Legro: Bombus Sidetables, a family of tables inspired by beetles.

How do you choose what you’ll make next?
Most of the time it comes naturally, but sometimes it develops from a desire to work with a certain material.

What’s your design process?
We always start by sketching forms together and searching for a nice aesthetic. The chosen shape describes the feeling represented by the product. When we discover something interesting, we draw it up on the computer in 3D to get a complete picture. Finally, we search for colours and materials that complement the shape and story.

Do you each bring different skills to the table?
We definitely have our own skills but we share the same taste – something we consider to be the most important thing when you design together. As a duo, we make things we would never had made on our own, but we both like the results. Sketching and a critical eye for details are some of my expertise, while Maarten has a more hands-on approach and a great sense of colour and materials. Most importantly, we motivate each other.

City of residence Rotterdam
Age(s) Wendy: 27; Maarten: 26
Education Design Academy Eindhoven
Collaborations Droog Design, The University of Maastricht, SRE (Samenwerkingsverband Regio Eindhoven)
Favourite quote Maarten: ‘Who ever said that pleasure wasn’t functional?’ Charles Eames
Best advice received Maarten: It is unlikely you will be asked to design something you have never designed before, so make concepts
Best tip for designers Wendy: Design things you would like to own yourself; Maarten: Take good care of your presentations
Three things every designer needs Wendy: Motivation, analytic skills, Photoshop
Newest addition to your studio Our new IKEA desks
First design that inspired you Wendy: Eames Molded Plywood Chair; Maarten: Construction cranes


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Lunch at IE Tower


WOW concept Madrid

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Roca Gallery Madrid

Site visit


Make-a-thon (continued)


Cocktail and day closing at Roca Gallery

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Make-a-thon (continued)


Final project presentations


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Lunch and closing at MO De Movimiento