HUSTADVIKA – At just 15-sq-m, this small-scale project was carefully-designed to support a wide range of applications and functions. Hustadvika Tools suits the client’s needs for a shelter to withstand severe rain and wind, a simple toolshed and a place to occasionally spend a night or two, as close to wild nature as possible.

Dreamt up by Norwegian architectural practice Rever & Drage Architects, the modest construction has a rather quiet demeanour – thanks to its dark and glossy wooden cladding – and is nestled among a scenic and lush environment. Located at the utmost of Norway’s stormy north-western coast, the project establishes a straight aesthetic parallel with the region’s emblematical nautical tradition, in an effort to latch a locally-inspired design vocabulary onto a geometry formally speaking to the delicacy and sharpness of contemporary architecture.

Hustadvika Tools deploys its sliding doors, depending on the temperature and allows for its users to articulate, via playful means, the setting or configuration befitting their most utmost desires. At the rear, is a glass wall, framing astonishing ocean views. As if this was not enough, the architects crafted a retractable roof, which unfolds to reveal a glazed ceiling – a feature which may come in handy as it helps with registering the sky and the changing daylight, even on a rainy day.

Oslo-based architects Martin Beverfjord, Tom Auger and Eirik Lilledrange prove themselves to be proficient and reliable in providing creative design solutions and high-quality projects. Their approach is all the more interesting as it tends to stand at the intersection of practical realisation and human occupation. Regardless of its size, the Hustadvika Tools project remains a dynamic intervention that skillfully shapes the users’ action and activities.

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Site visit


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