Kita Drachenhöhle by Baukind

Baukind has converted a salt sauna into a kindergarten in Berlin. Kita Drachenhöhle, or ‘dragons cave’, brings the outdoors in with a nature-inspired interior. The design incorporates the needs of the children, while demostrating clear visual language that helps to structure their daily routine. 

The playrooms are left open and clutter free thanks to multifunctional objects and furniture: a raised platform for playing offers storage underneath, a wooden tunnel doubles as a bench and a hallway acts as a musical instrument. Trees installed throughout the playrooms encourage climbing and exercise in a whimsical way, while branch-like coat hooks adorn the walls. Subtle colour schemes, tiling and paintings continue the flow of references to nature and landscapes. 

Baukind retained some elements from the original sauna, such as tacticle salt walls that emphasize the organic aesthetic. A miniature sauna cabin in the kids' bathroom – which the children steam themselves in once a week – was also preserved. 

Photos Marcus Ebener