Ode à la Vie by Moment Factory

Barcelona’s famed Sagrada Familia church was illuminated by a larger-than-life installation over the weekend – one that probably would have inspired even one of the most renowned Catalan visionary: its designer Antoni Gaudí.

World famous for his imaginative and nature-inspired style, the architect intended the cathedral as his magnum opus: a mix of Gothic majesty and Art Nouveau elegance, a religious monument unlike any other.

The intervention was organized by Canadian studio Moment Factory, whose video performance Ode à la Vie (Ode to Life), consisted of a psychedelic projection. It animated the church’s iconic pillars to the bystanders’ awe, in a colour and light spree. The façade was shaken by waves, lit by sparkles and livened by greenery and water, suggesting an idea of God and nature going far beyond the traditional Christian iconography.

The event was a three-nights only experience, but late-comers can still behold the video above for an idea of the performance.