Spanish Pavilion at Floriade 2012 by Pulgon Diseño

AMSTERDAM – While it may at first appear like part of a skate park, the Spanish pavilion at a Dutch horticulture exposition Floriade strikes with a playful character.

The structure seems to rise from the ground and creates a flowing transition for approaching visitors. The small square in front of the pavilion offers places to sit on a miniature Tribune. Colourful wooden slats decorate the facade, while small wooden tree sculptures give the building a friendly and cheerful character.

The interior continues in the same colour scheme as the exterior and mainly contains exhibition spaces, where installations and screens give child-friendly explanations about Spanish agriculture.

‘Spain is the country with the greatest ecological biodiversity of the entire European continent,’ says Manuel Ortiz, architect at Pulgon Diseño.

Photos courtesy of Pulgón Diseño/Patrick Sherlock