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In luxury retail, perfection is out and weird is wonderful – even in Dubai

Dubai – StudioXAG creates a dreamlike volcanic landscape for Level Shoes in the UAE – a harbinger of what’s to come in luxury retail spaces.


There are more tattooed people than ever, and this parlour celebrates the stigma shift

New York City – To upend the traditional typology of tattoo studios, Bang Bang NYC’s new flagship interiors aesthetically parallel ink against skin.


One Plus Partnership takes the city’s lack of greenery into its own hands

SHENZHEN, China – Everyone loves greenery indoors, but has One Plus Partnership missed the point? Or is the Shenzhen Raffles City office design a practical alternative?


Lanzavecchia + Wai channels the colours of Italy's landscape for Mirage's Transition collection

With a majority of its composition sourced from production waste, Lanzavecchia + Wai's porcelain tile range for Mirage offers a tactile and tactful solution for surfacing interiors in a sustainable …

The firm preserved three of the four early-twentieth-century row-houses along a corner and built one (left) completely anew.

Lichtstrasse Apartments and Restaurant by HHF

BASEL – HHF designs contemporary residence alongside restorations to local, historic housing.

The architects have given the site’s industrial textures an unapologetically modern form.

Gebr. De Nobel by Ector Hoogstad Architecten

LEIDEN – A music venue in the Dutch city of Leiden has relocated to a factory building renovated by Rotterdam-based office Ector Hoogstad Architecten.

A bold, multifaceted volume sits comfortably among more conservative neighbours.

House in Luxembourg by Polaris

LUXEMBOURG – Perched on a hillside in Luxembourg, a compact single-family home by Polaris Architects really stands out in some aspects; in others, it coolly blends in.

The tower’s fabric-like façade refers to a textile market that once occupied the site.

Jing Mian Xin Cheng by SPARK

BEIJING – SPARK Architects hope their new mixed-use complex will serve as a reminder that ‘depth of experience need not be forgotten despite the speed of the city’s expansion’.

The Canvas Collage collection by Nicolette Brunklaus takes cues from the industry.

Canvas Collage by Nicolette Brunklaus

Photographed dahlias become digitized in a line of carpets for Egecarpets by Nicolette Brunklaus.

The sophisticated fox has settled in the Hermès store of Paseo de Gracià in Barcelona.

The Fox’s Den by Zim&Zou for Hermès

French studio Zim&Zou depict the tale of a fox in their crisp and colourful shop window for Hermès.

A new series of outdoor carpets by Patricia Urquiola is introduced by Kettal.

Outdoor Rugs by Patricia Urquiola for Kettal

Barcelona-based Kettal introduces a new series of outdoor carpets by Patricia Urquiola.

The designer uses familiar materials such as marble to communicate new innovations.

Fragment by Earnest Studio

With the Fragment series, American designer Rachel Griffin crafts bowls out of rough pieces found in the natural stone industry.

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