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The Office Collective: Frameweb's Top 10 Workplaces

Places of work define organisations through their capacity to represent a professional home base for productivity. Scroll down to see Frameweb's global collection of ten top offices for …


Top 10 Social Housing Blocks

Low-cost housing hasn't received much attention from architecture buffs. Primarily intended to remedy housing inequality by offering an affordable option in dense urban areas, the result tends to be …

Second hand windows and wood were bought on a website to construct a cafe in Amsterdam, Photo Jeroen Musch.

Top 10 Upcycled Projects

Used materials and objects are piling up in recycling centers and landfills every single day. The following ten architecture and design projects have realised their full potential, sparing them from …

Bamboo vaults created an open-air enclosure for opening and closing ceremonies in Taiwan.

Top 10: Temporary Pavilions

They were designed and assembled with care, but taken down like Christmas trees after the holidays. Despite their small-scale and short-lived presence, the spirits of temporary structures now live …

An artificial forest of modified trees at Ventura Lambrate last year.

Top 10: Salone del Mobile Installations

As we gear up for a high-energy week of exciting reveals in the design world, we take a moment to remember the top 10 installations from the past two editions of Salone del Mobile.

Momentum by UVA, Photo by Bethany Clark, courtesy of the Barbican

Top 10: January, February and March

In three short months, the world has witnessed major sporting events, a plane disappear into thin air and much more. Perhaps not as exciting as the energetic springs, gluttonous summers …

Landscape (Triptych) by Abruzzo Bodziak Architects, Photo courtesy of Abruzzo Bodziak

Top 10 Spatial Installations

Often times, it’s hard to categorise new interiors under standard labels. Though the function of stores, hotels, restaurants, schools, museums and private residences remain clear, the spatial …

Baar by Lieven Musschoot, Photo Lisa Valcke

Top 10 Restaurants

Every now and then we break habit, at times splurge, and eat out. These occasions are about much more than high quality, experimental and mouth-watering food but a full experience. There is no doubt …

Chairgenics by Jan Habraken

Top 10 Chairs

Since the early days of design – boiling out of the Industrial Revolution – the chair has been a contested issue. As one of the biggest challenges designers face – a rite of passage – these …

Glass Office by AIM Architecture, Photo Jerry Yin

Top 10 Offices

Leaving the cubicle behind, today’s offices are designed with flow, accessibility and recreation in mind – ensuring employee well-being. Investing time and money to remodel their premises, large- …

Motion Matters by UNStudio, Photo Christian Richters

Top 10 Exhibition Designs

Along with lectures and publications, exhibitions are opportunities for artists, designers and architects to express themselves clearly. Whether a retrospective or group show, the best …

Aesop Fillmore Street by NADAAA, Photo courtesy of Aesop

Top 10 Store Displays

Displays are as designed as the products they showcase. Innovative shelving units join decorated windows to tell stories and entice passers-by. These aesthetic constructions play an important role in …

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