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A Danish designer anoints a modern-day monastery devoted to the science of cycling

Lynge, Denmark – A bicycle storefront in Denmark - designed by Johannes Torpe Studios - is made up of a product gallery,  showroom and workshop.


Will you be travelling horizontally or vertically today? IED students revisit the train

Barcelona – Working with innovation and product development experts at Spain's premiere train maker Talgo, IED Barcelona design students create rail concepts that could put mass …


Community hubs are increasingly important for Japan as its population declines

Fuji, Japan – CMYK Interiors & Products worked with Fuji’s local government to turn its central train station into an accommodating gathering space.


The 2019 SHIFT Automotive exhibition will map the future of driving

The Berlin exhibition will engage in a global conversation that could change not just how we drive, but how we live and think.


The Governmental Interior of Year was awarded to the most public place in Amsterdam: the metro

Amsterdam – Group A’s technical renovation of 16 stations on the city’s Oostlijn lent itself to surprisingly aesthetic results and was a clear winner at the Frame Awards.


BMW is bringing forth its new design language

Munich – Why did BMW’s new iNEXT car replace one of the most recognizable elements of the brand? Adrian van Hooydonk had a great reason.


UNStudio reconsiders the role of the architect in Knowledge Matters

Amsterdam – In their Frame Publishers book, the UNStudio founders discuss how network knowledge permeated through several of their projects.


IED Barcelona presents the macrotrends of the future in Fifteen of Fifty Book

Barcelona – IED Barcelona is celebrating 15 years of design education by forecasting the next 15 years of the discipline and the problems it will be solving.


Future Mobility: Takt Project elevates the travel experience

Five designers and creators present their ideas for the vehicle of the future: Takt Project’s height-adjustable car offers new perspectives and experiences.

House 33 by Marchi Architects. Photo Fernando Guerra

House 33 by Marchi Architects lives out of the Symbioz car

FRANCE – Going past the point of mere admiration and infatuation, the architects design a residence where the car is fully-integrated in the day-to-day occupations of its inhabitants.

Tower of Power by Göbl Architektur. Photos Bruno Klomfar

Göbl Architektur installs a self-sufficient power source for electric vehicles

VIENNA – The Tower of Power is a direct consequence of contemporary society's increased interest in electric vehicles.

Parking Garage by dJGA and Modulo Architects. Photos Lievan van Landschoot

Modulo and dJGA carve a canyon for a meandering parking garage

Brussels – Generally damp, unattractive and cast in concrete, the typology of the car park usually conjures up images of 1950s brutalist volumes of necessity that obscure the skyline.