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Favrholm Conference Center by SeARCH. Photo by Iwan Baan

Step 1: Sign up

Send an e-mail to, with the following information per person: complete name, date of birth, postal address, mobile phone number, occupation, ID and/or passport number with expiration date, the contact information of someone close to you for emergency situations, any additional insurance (cancellation and/or baggage) you wish to purchase and your preference for a single- or double-occupancy hotel room, and if a double, with whom you will share it. If you have a subscription to Mark or Frame, add your subscription number as well. Registration is open until 17 April 2017. We would appreciate it if you would briefly describe what you expect from the subsequent trip, so we can take your wishes into account.

Step 2: Payment

You will pay the price of the trip, minus possible discounts for double room occupancy and/or a subscription, and adding the price of any desired insurance, to the Frame bank account with International Bank Account Number (IBAN) NL90 INGB 0658 411896 and Bank Identifier Code (BIC) INGBNL2A, mentioning 'Copenhagen trip' followed by your own name. The payment has to be confirmed by 20 April 2017, at the latest. Registration will only be definitive after the payment has been received. By paying for your booking, you confirm that you are aware of and agree to Planopli’s Special and General Terms and Conditions of Sale and that Frame Publishers and Planopli are not liable for any accidents, theft or lost items.

Step 3: Required documents

As soon as possible, please check if your passport is still valid and if you are in need of other documents. Inform us of your passport number and send a scan/photo of your passport to

Is there a possibility that the trip will be cancelled?

It is possible. For this trip, we’ve set a minimum of 40 participants. If this minimum has not been reached on the day of the deadline, the trip will be cancelled. Travelers who have already registered will be informed of the cancellation and the fare will be fully refunded.