Mut-architecture was asked to adhere to a 'classical British' aesthetic - Toward something representing such a theme, the firm decided on using cricket balls for the main element of the bar. The deep red of the balls and the scent of the leather are reminiscent of chesterfield furniture - a British classic named after the Earl of Chesterfield; perfect for Le Cercle.' Composed of 3200 balls, the mass of the organic form emits a feeling of precarious apprehension, as if the entire thing can collapse at any time. However, standing beside the bar, leaning on the balls, drinking from the bar, the customer feels a sense of ease and comfort. For the back-bar we created something akin to a city skyline by chopping thick pine beams at random lengths on which the bottles are stacked. The lights from above, and an array of candles, lit daily, passes through the glass and the translucent alcohol to lay shadows that dance on the surroundings.