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Why a Ukrainian studio went simple for a Kiev flower store

Kiev – A retail space for wholesale supplier Dicentra by Rina Lovko is among the growing number of flower stores modernizing the industry.


Here’s more proof of how men’s grooming spaces are changing face

Odessa, Ukraine – The Kult Studio in Odessa by local practice Sivak+Partners is a sleek deviation from barbershop clichés.


A Ukrainian café serves light food in an environment of light metal

Kiev – AKZ Architectura turned a tight Soviet-era apartment in Kiev into a breezy, light-filled space for a new health-food café called Bowl.


The film-and-TV craze for the moon landing is making its way to restaurants

Kiev – Foodoo, a fast casual restaurant in Ukraine designed by Balbek Bureau, has a cosmonaut as a star. Given the times, that is no coincidence. 


To increase employee productivity, this tech workspace includes nap rooms

Kiev – At the new Kiev offices of Grammarly, a tech company, Balbek Bureau included a series of surprising upgrades – namely, some nap stations.


This colourful doctor’s office in Kiev wants to put childhood fears to bed

Kiev – Designed by Ater Architects, the paediatric clinic is a tear-free alternative to brown walls and white coats.


Soesthetic Group takes paper architecture off the page

KIEV – For their own office, Soesthetic Group designs a futuristic sci-fi space to be a blank canvas for multiple possibilities.


Yod Design assigns an industrial edge to a Ukranian burger joint

KIEV – For a burger joint that targets a cosmopolitan crowd, Yod sought a design that would exude a modern, industrial vibe. This project appears in Night Fever 5 that can currently be pre-ordered …


A restaurant in Ukraine apes the past to serve up a taste of freedom

KIEV  If you think of an orang-utan, chances are that white won’t be the first colour to spring to mind – unless you conjure up a rather elderly creature. Yet that’s exactly the colour …

The apartment was designed with the idea of 'Constant Motion'.

Constant Motion by Alex Bykov

KIEV – Alex Bykov renovated an apartment in Kiev’s historical district based on the concept of ‘Constant Motion’.

Ukraine's southern city of Odessa was the inspiration for the interior design of this Kiev restaurant.

Odessa Restaurant by YOD Design Lab

YOD Design Lab has given a contemporary twist to the interior design of a restaurant in downtown Kiev, whilst instilling the spirit of one of the Ukraine’s most unique cities.

‘The stadium will be an urban landmark in the cityscape of downtown Kiev,’ says architect Volkwin Marg.

Olympic Stadium Kiev by GMP

KIEV – The Eurocup football tournament begins today – check out the stadium where the winner will be crowned!