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Situated on the main street, the museum attracts attention, with its finely-crafted brick texture and modernist lines.

Andreas Heller's brick facade makes a confident statement at the Hansemuseum

LUBECK – A new museum in Germany makes a self-reliant debut in a UNESCO world heritage site.

The refuse incineration plant has an angular, monolithic appearance.

Incineration Line by Erick van Egeraat

COPENHAGEN – A Dutch architect designs an unlikely icon for the Danish town of Roskilde.

The architects’ interventions are visible, yet remain respectful to the UNESCO heritage building

Hof van Busleyden Museum Extension by dmvA

MECHELEN – One of Belgium's more brazen firms adds a bit of cutting edge to a UNESCO monument.

Narrow dimensions encourage a vertical perspective.

In-between Spaces by Office Jarrik Ouburg et al.

AMSTERDAM – Tussen-ruimte - In-betwen Spaces - is a collaborative installation project by Office Jarrik Ouburg, Non-fiction and TAAK, in partnership with Castrum Peregrini.

A spread of rhomboid-shaped apertures puncture the concrete jagged form.

Bicentennial Civic Center by Lucio Morini & GGMPU Arquitectos

BUENOS AIRES – About 700 km northwest of Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires, a jagged civic center with rhomboid-shaped apertures reconnects the River Suquía and adds a dash of new to the old …

Forty thousand timber shingles enclose the visitors pavilion, cut by equally organic - shaped windows.

Puur Pavilion by Emma Architecten

DIERMERDAM – A former soldier’s shelter has been replaced with a new pavilion at Fort Diermerdam on Amsterdam’s defence line, recently stamped as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The structure is defined by two folding forms which rise upward and downward.

Giants Causeway Visitors Centre by Heneghan Peng Architects

ANTRIM – Amongst rolling green hills of Northern Ireland, a new information centre on the North Antrim coast is folded into its surrounding landscape.

Ethiopian volcanic geology served as inspiration for structure’s shape.

Sports Complex Ethiopia by LAVA

ADDIS ABABA – While sceptics are doubting if one of the world’s poorest countries actually needs a new stadium, Ethiopia will soon be home to a new 60,000-seat sports complex.

The five-storey police station fuses an undulating concrete form with wavy glass windows.

House of Justice & Police Station

MESTIA – Amongst the snow covered landscape of the Caucasian Mountains, architect Jürgen Mayer H. has completed two of his nearly 40 ongoing projects in Georgia.

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