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Why this Venezuelan spa doesn’t look like your typical spa

Caracas, Venezuela – Bye-bye neutrals and natural materials: designed by Atelier Caracas, this wellness space is modelled after 2001: A Space Odyssey.


This school renovation highlights the importance of musical education in Venezuela

Caracas – The Parasite Project, a renovation by Atelier Caracas, turns the building’s previously decorative finishes into structural pieces – and much more.

Casa MS is a family house in Caracas, Venezuela.

Casa MS by ODA

EL AVILA – Casa MS seems to sit in wonder at the beautiful mountainous landscape of the El Avila National Park.

Luzinterruptus filled 2,000 transparent bags with water and fake fish and plants to create 'Portable River'.

Portable River by Luzinterruptus

Spanish collective Luzinterruptus has once again taken to the streets, this time in Caracas, to produce an installation that questions the way we view – and monetize – water.