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Retail Trends 2019: Feasibility through Flexibility

As attention spans shorted and digital distractions increase, retail spaces are developing new design-lead strategies to make sure they always feel fresh.


Retail’s answer to WeWork introduces a more accessible ownership model

Beijing – Designed by WAA, WeMarket is the second stage of a business strategy developed by AnyShopStyle, promoting up-and-coming designers in China.


WAA illustrates why brick-and-mortar stores are here to stay

Beijing – How do you create an engaging environment for emerging local design brands in China? By turning shopping into a social event.

Curved, translucent screens made of light textile form ephemeral boundaries.

waa deconstructs the conventional showroom

SHANGHAI – A Beijing design firm attempts to create a spatial dynamic receptive to the visitor’s unique perception.

The museum of contemporary art is situated in Yinchuan’s lush wetlands.

WAA introduces contemporary art culture in a location with no apparent grounding

YINCHUAN – An unexpected contemporary museum of art in wetlands alongside China’s Yellow River has been given a site-specific identity.


The cavernous main entrance originates from the mould of the façade's twisted shape.

Yinchuan Art Museum by waa

YINCHUAN – With a shape inspired by annual river floods, the proposed museum in Yinchuan, China, will mirror the texture and creases of local soil.

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