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In Seoul, WGNB gives an eyewear brand an architectural space to thrive in

Seoul – Located in a luxury residential apartment complex in the South Korean capital, Papyrus marries functional fixtures and aesthetic objects.


How this South Korean retailer is reworking its store as a gallery

Busan, South Korea – A clothing store by WGNB displays its garments like artwork within steel frames, reigniting the joy of browsing.


By staying backstage, brands can subliminally reach new audiences

Seoul – The Juun.J shop, designed by Seoul-based office WGNB, sets out to translate the signature style of designer Jung Wook-jun.


A South Korean teddy-bear store avoids cuddly clichés

Incheon, South Korea – Instead of going for the cuteness traditionally associated with the segment, WGNB decided to deconstruct the materials behind the handmade toys. 


Suspend your disbelief: WGNB designs on the ceiling

Seoul – WGNB clears the floor with a display system that draws inspiration from an Asian lottery game for a minimalist multi-brand store.


A knitted wall attracts the eye in a Seoul optician’s shop

SEOUL – A wall made from an extravagantly out-of-scale piece of knitting is the surprising focal point of Endpiece, an optician’s store in Seoul, South Korea. 

an installation The installation appeals to audience emotions while promoting its new product, the Radiant 360 wireless speaker.

Samsung circumvents trade-fair hustle and bustle with a meditative space

SEOUL – To showcase its latest attempt to conquer the audio market, electronics giant Samsung asked Seoul-based design company WGNB to create an installation which appeals to emotion.

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