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London architects take retail windows to the ‘next level’ – by activating the community

London – Squire and Partners collaborated with primary school students for a series of windows at The Department Store, a move that earned them a 2020 Frame Award.


Mark A-to-Z: W is for Windows

‘When one door closes, a window opens,’ goes the saying.

Offices by Brenac & Gonzalez. Photos Sergio Grazia / Stefan Tuchila

Brenac & Gonzalez et Associés personifies three urban objects with a strong identity

PARIS – Three metallic offices adhere to an underlying theme, with elevations clad in repeated patterns of aluminium and stainless steel.

Nuages Housing by XTU Architects. Photos David Foessel

XTU Architects inspires the reality of living in the sky

PARIS – Protected by a small garden, Nuages – which translates as 'clouds' – is an eight-storey residential project that was inspired by its environment.

85 Championnet by Chartier-Corbasson. Photos Romain Meffre / Yves Marchand

Chartier-Corbasson's forged façade adds a fresh face to a traditional street

PARIS – The residences on Rue Championnet were built during the Haussmann era of the mid-19th century, with each structure mimicking the appearance of the next.

Benoit & Roselyne House by Dixneufquatrevingtsix. Photos Florian Kleinefenn

Dixneufcentquatrevingtsix frames the landscape by merging structure and sculpture

NIMES – A modern extension has been added to Benoît and Roselyne's traditional farmhouse in the south of France in order to accommodate a growing family.

B30 Renovation by KAAN Architects. Photos Karin Borghouts

Kaan Architecten reinterprets century-old ideas to realise a contemporary renovation

THE HAGUE – Originally built in 1917, the former home of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs has been renovated for a second time.

Deep House by Poly.m.ur. Photos Kyungsub Shin

Poly.m.ur's Deep House is a culmination of solutions for a brief of clashing elements

SEOUL – Keeping in line with Korean building regulations isn't the easiest part of an architect's job. Keeping clients happy isn't always a breeze either.

Ackerstrassa 29 by NPS Tchoban Voss. Photos Werner Huthmacher

NPS Tchoban Voss thinks outside the box with scattered concrete frames

BERLIN – In Berlin's borough of Mitte, Ackerstrasse 29 stands out from the crowd as a residential building with a rather uncommon external appearance.

Korca Icon Museum by Bolles+Wilson. Photos Roman Mensing

Bolles+Wilson helps Albania piece together its cultural heritage

KORCA – The story of the Icon Museum goes back to communist Albania and provides a wealth of history to influence the new architectural interior.

Bold geometry meets social needs.

Antonini Darmon Architectes sheathes Parisian housing block with stacked arcades

PARIS – A social housing project in Boulogne-Billancourt by Antonini Darmon Architectes uses the rich language of classical architecture to create a palace for its inhabitants.

The white, angular building appears to coil vertically and nestle back onto itself, wrapping around a private courtyard.

Nathanael Dorent and Mark Havasi reject rigid housing with spiralling residence

BIEVILLE-BEUVILLE – Making an angular statement within the landscape, Maison Spirale in northern France is created as a revolt against the rigidity of standardised housing developments.

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