Zürich articles


You can finally create your own Freitag bag, from start to finish, directly inside a store

Zürich – With its Sweat Yourself store, Freitag joins the retail brands moving the final production stages in-store in order to form tighter bonds with its consumers.

The structure stands for more than is visible to the eye.

Tom Emerson’s ETH students build floating Pavilion of Reflections for Manifesta 11

ZÜRICH – The ETH professor and architect Tom Emerson whose students designed and built the impressive pavilion for Manifesta 11 speaks to Mark about the philosophy behind his work.

Proposal No. 6 extends the concept of its Zurich predecessor to Berlin by allowing visitors to stay overnight alongside the displayed artwork.

Proposal No. 6 by Jeremie Maret

BERLIN – A Zurich gallery occupies a space in Berlin to promote its new mobile exhibition concept.

In this project, the architects reference Swiss building traditions from the 1950s.

Alfred-Escher-Strasse Apartments by Züst Gübeli Gambetti

ZÜRICH – The newest building along Alfred-Escher-Strasse in Zürich creates functional diversity yet integrates into its surroundings.

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