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Sabine Marcelis takes notes from nature to compose a symphony of space

MILAN – The Dutch designer transforms the Room Mate Giulia lobby with her spatial installation in conjunction with Frame’s MINDS event at Milan Design Week.


For Frame's 20th anniversary, Sabine Marcelis makes a splash in Aesop

MILAN – To celebrate Frame’s 20th anniversary at Milan Design Week, Sabine Marcelis demonstrates its brand mission of spatial design excellence in Aesop Corso Magenta.

Billboard Copenhagen trip
Billboard Copenhagen trip

Matteo Thun sets the stage for Zara’s grand entrance

MILAN – The entrance installation for a Zara flagship store housed in a 30’s theatre invokes the dramatic spirit of the stage.


Studio Swine installation at Salone del Mobile contemplates the changing of the seasons

MILAN – Minimal materials bring an ephemeral installation to life for COS.


The rainbow engineer – Tokujin Yoshioka

TOKYO – Spectrum, the latest installation by artist and designer Tokujin Yoshioka, builds a rainbow bridge across the boundaries of art, design and architecture.


Emmanuelle Moureaux colours future years for museum anniversary

TOKYO – For the National Art Center’s tenth anniversary, French architect and designer Emmanuelle Moureaux invokes a colourful forest of the decade yet to come.


Buro Curious simulates red-light seduction at the Volkshotel

AMSTERDAM – Buro Curious transforms a bespoke hotel room into a space to seduce and be seduced.


Marc Fornes' structural stripes demonstrate the strength of wafer thin materials

ORLANDO – Marc Fornes talks to Mark about how the design for Under Magnitude evolved from his past research and why strength relies on geometry, not in materials.

Frame Milan Design week
Frame Milan Design week

Immersive exhibition by Tokyo's teamLab blends realities

LONDON – Now at the Pace Gallery: a waterfall escapes from the walls to cascade over your feet, while luminous flowers bloom all over the body.


Chiharu Shiota's sculptures highlight the invisible networks that we're entangled in

PARIS – To coincide with Chiharu Shiota’s current exhibition, here we look at her textile creations and investigate the way she uses thread as a way to explore memory and belonging.


Nendo develops a tripartite hair salon for efficiency and quality

TOKYO – Research showing that infrequent haircuts can lead to damaged hair prompted Nendo and Takara Belmont to design a pared-down salon experience. 


Scott Whitby Studio transforms a shipping container into a mysterious, multisensory experience

MATERIALS – Caution Cinema is a fully immersive, pop-up screening room that is a part of Beyond Zero, a health and safety campaign for dock workers in Britain. Designed by Scott …