Architecture News

The office building, consisting of stacked containers, holds a temporary place on a vacant lot.

Unionkul by Arcgency

Vacant Lot Transformed into Temporary Workspace

Arcgency designs an office building made of shipping containers in the Northern Harbour of Copenhagen.

Monolithic blocks collectively form the unadorned façade which frames the open-air passage leading to the courtyard, revealing depth to the house.

Framing House by FORM/Kouichi Kimura

Minimal Elements Emphasise Space

The unadorned yet striking house by Kouichi Kimura has an emphasis on each element of the residence.


The house is conceived of layered wooden decks held by a steel structure.

Amchit Residence by Blankpage

Ocean-Front Haven Highlights the Horizon

Blankpage designed a beach house perched atop a gentle slope in a Lebanese coastal town.

The guest house is conceived as a coloured form that oscillates between sheer camouflage and a sparkling beacon in the woods.

Butterfly House by Davidclovers

A House Which Dazzles The Woodlands

An exotic and iridescent creature has landed on a secluded hill in the northeast corner of Pennsylvania.