Architecture News

The architects have made room in a thick-skinned, brick workshop building for a family of three – four counting the dog.

Le 205 by Atelier Moderno

Workshop Turns Residence

In Montreal’s Mile-Ex neighbourhood, it’s not unusual to find factories, restaurants, and single-family homes sharing the …

The apartments are more akin to the San Francisco’s historical housing than to the original Hunters View apartment blocks built in the 40s.

Hunters View Redevelopment by Paulett Taggart Architects

Affordable Housing Marks Progress in Redevelopment

San Francisco-based firm Paulett Taggart Architects designed two apartment blocks in the Hunters View redevelopment scheme, which …

A bold, multifaceted volume sits comfortably among more conservative neighbours.

House in Luxembourg by Polaris

House Quietly Pushes Boundaries

Perched on a hillside in Luxembourg, a compact single-family home by Polaris Architects really stands out in some aspects; in …

The car park entrance tunnels through a narrow building in Fleurus, Belgium.

Car Park Entrance by Olivier Vitry

Extra-Small Garage Entrance Wears Medium Façade

Belgian architect Olivier Vitry has completed renovations to a peculiar, three-storey building in Fleurus that acts solely as the …

StreetDome grows from the surrounding skate park, sheltering facilities for skateboarding, climbing, and basketball.

StreetDome by CEBRA and Glifberg+Lykke

Sports Sanctuary Grows from Skate Park

According to the architects, ‘StreetDome’s overall ambition is to set new standards for unorganised sports in urban areas.’

100PP adds a unique profile to the neighbourhood’s otherwise conventional skyline.

100PP by Ministry of Design

Offices Diversify Light-Industrial Landscape

100PP’s distinctive, rather precarious form emerged from MOD’s interest in maximising views and access to fresh air on the …