By focusing on long exposure in dark conditions, Denis Smith has turned photographic techniques into a tool for magical, almost mystical images.

Ball of Light is an ongoing project that started almost three years ago, when Smith embraced photography as a committed amateur. He soon after became completely absorbed by the possibility of the medium to convey his feeling of almost supernatural awe in front of nature.

That sense of amazement materializes in the balls of light appearing in the landscape. They glow and float to spread their brightly coloured energy. For the viewer these balls may resemble portals for another dimension or mysterious presences; for Smith the process of realizing the images is a time-consuming but humanly rewarding experience.

No Photoshop is used and the artist operates only minor adjustments in brightness and contrast. The balls are the result of very long exposures (up to 10 minutes), during which Smith masterfully waves colourful LED lights in front of the camera as to draw a sphere. Through his Ball of Light, Smith is discovering the world and connecting with nature on a deep level.

Ball of Light is also Denis Smith's first solo show and runs at Adelaide’s Espionage Gallery from 4 to 10 October.

Photos © Denis Smith Photography.  

Espionage Gallery
Suite 1, Level 2
93 Rundle Mall
Adelaide, SA 5000