Our latest book on lighting design features work from across the globe that demonstrates the dazzle, spectacle and lure of bright lights in architectural projects and lighting installations. Bright 2 captures the feeling of how light and projections can elevate a building, bridge or city centre.

In this article, we select some projects from the book that invite passers-by to interact with the showcased architecture or installations. Triggering discussions, as well as emotions, this is a vibrant and illuminating volume that reflects the current role of lighting as a multifaceted design element.


Theatre of Illumination by Omni Pictures (location: Leeds, United Kingdom)
This installation mapped the neo-classical architecture in light and sound to create a futuristic new look (photo: Kippa Mathews).

Rising Moon by Daydreamers Design (location: Hong Kong)
An enchanting multisensory beacon popped-up during the Hong Kong Mid-Autumn Festival with a theatrical expressiveness and a dynamic programme of lighting (photo: John Pilias).

Silo 468 by Lighting Design Collective (LDC) (location: Helsinki, Finland)
Creating a unique civic space in an urban redevelopment, this disused silo was illuminated as an interactive installation to become an industrial landmark (photo: Hannu Iso-oja).

Van Gogh Cycle Path by Studio Roosegaarde (location: Nuenen, the Netherlands)
Twinkling stones embedded into the ground create a play on light and poetry, inspired by Van Gogh’s artwork The Starry Night (photo: Daan Roosegaarde).

Reflect by Ivan Toth Depeña (location: Miami, United States)
Vibrant illuminations replay the patterns created by participants’ interactions in the lobby of this Florida government building (photo: Ivan Toth Depeña).

Seeds of Change by SmartLight (location: Den Bosch, the Netherlands)
The dynamic illumination of this installation encompasses the outline of a double-helix-shaped sculpture (designed by artist Dorette Sturm), accented by ‘seed’ lights that slowly change colour (photo: Marc Bolsius).

Busan Cinema Center by Har Hollands (location: Busan, South Korea)
Colourful, dynamic illumination was assigned to the undulating undersides of the record-breaking roof structures of this cinema complex (photo: Duccio Malagamba).

Sheikh Zayed Bridge by Arup (location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates)
A dynamic lighting scenario perfectly illuminates the structural silhouette for the sinusoidal design by Zaha Hadid (photo: Christian Richters).

Texas Rising by Creative Machines (location: Lubbock, United States)
LEDs are used to make these sculptures shine, allowing 2D patterns to cast intricate shadows on the surrounding surfaces (photo: Lissa Anglin).

Heineken Visual Experience by Jan and Henry (location: Prague, Czech Republic)
This installation was a bombardment of the senses for visitors to Designblok in Prague, with the visual symphony of light vectors blurring the boundaries between real space and reflections (photo: Kiva).


All of these lighting scenarios appear in Bright 2 (and you can get a glimpse of some of the book's other featured works here, here and here). This publication details 44 extraordinary projects by artists, designers and manufacturers who are all setting trends in the creative use of light. Click here to go our online shop and purchase your copy, or go here for further information  about the book.